bed sore

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a popular term for any lesion of the skin or mucous membrane.
bed sore popular term for pressure ulcer.
cold s's herpes febrilis.
desert sore a form of tropical phagedenic ulcer seen in desert areas of Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.
pressure sore pressure ulcer.
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1. Tender; painful.
2. Any type of tender or painful ulcer or lesion of the skin or mucous membrane.

bed sore

Pressure ulcer

canker sore

Aphthous ulcer.

cold sore

A thin-walled blister at the junction of the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips. It is caused by recurrent infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV) in those who have antibodies to HSV. Treatment is recommended only for immunocompromised patients, who are given acyclovir.
See: fever blister

Delhi sore

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

desert sore

An ulcer of the skin of the arms or legs, sometimes caused by diphtheria or staphylococci, typically contracted in Australia or Burma.

hard sore

A syphilitic chancre; primary lesion of syphilis.

jungle sore

Infection of the skin or of poorly tended wounds by Corynebacterium diphtheriae, esp. in warm, moist, tropical climates.

Oriental sore

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.
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pressure sore

Pressure ulcer.illustration

primary sore

The initial sore or hard chancre of syphilis.

soft sore


soft venereal sore

A former name for

tropical sore

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

wine sore

A slang term for a superficial infected area of the skin seen in alcoholics with poor personal hygiene. It is erroneously thought to be due to specific action of the wine.
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decubitus ulcer,
, bed sore (bed'sōr, bed sōr)
Synonym(s): decubitus ulcer.
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They were assessed for signs of bed sores such as redness, skin heat, and swelling and pain on days three, seven and 10.
Mrs Bolam said: "His skin was coming up in bed sores - he had one on his bottom and one on his foot."
A hospital spokesman said bed sores were "extraordinarily rare" in centres run by the Western Sussex Hospitals Trust.
They have joined a Pressure Ulcer Prevention campaign aiming to raise awareness of what are commonly known as bed sores, which cause pain and cost the NHS billions of pounds to treat.
It is estimated that 4p in every pounds 1 spent by the NHS goes on treating bed sores.
As he says, the level of bed sores is a classical indicator of the standard of care.
Bed sores which resulted in an infection on his hip led to him being taken into hospital where he died on April 14.
Even though they should take in enough calories, protein and carbohydrates to somewhat protect their skin, without adequate daily passive stretching of each joint and a continual turning and repositioning schedule to constantly change the areas receiving pressure, and unless they are kept clean and dry with adequate air flow to the skin, and unless we position them correctly and up in a chair as much as possible (preferably with weight bearing), they will sustain the injuries of immobility contractures - which are totally preventable - and bed sores.
If trials prove the claim, then it will provide a breakthrough to the many people suffering chronic wounds such as bed sores and leg ulcers.
say they were with a list of A SECOND pensioner in Coventry has died after suffering from bed sores, the Telegraph has learned.
In addition to the issue of older patients being routinely called by their first name, she expressed particular concerns about: continuing use of mixed sex wards; failure to ease bed sores with pressure relieving mattresses; failure to provide help with eating when needed; and older people being afraid of complaining for fear of the consequences.