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The act of striking blows; punishment or chastisement by blows.

Regular pulsation or contractions, as in a beating heart.

Throbbing, as in a beating migraine.

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The striking of blows, often understood as domestic violence, as in beating one’s domestic partner.
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Q. What are natural or alternative ways to beat depression? I keep reading about how depression is caused by 'chemical imbalances' in the brain, and it feels like I don't stand a chance at beating it without going on Anti-depressants, but I don't want to go down this route cause I'm worried about the side-effects. Can anyone suggest natural ways to beat depression that don't involve medication?

A. Here are couple of alternative ways to treat depression:

but if all of this doesn’t work- I recommend medical help. It can help you immensely. It’s much better then walking around with depression.

Q. what are the name of those popular pills i hear about to beat depression?

A. Common drugs used to treat depression are usually of the SSRI family. There are many names, depending on your place. These drugs are prescription drugs, i.e. prescribed by a doctor, so if you have any questions or seek to use them you should consult a doctor.

A list of anti-depressive drugs may be found here:

Q. Please suggest me the natural or alternative ways to beat depression without taking any antidepressants? I suffer from clinical depression yet never tried antidepressants due to the fear of getting addicted to them. Please suggest me the natural or alternative ways to beat depression without taking any antidepressants?

A. Hi, I felt so when depressed. Later I tried psychotherapists and psychologists and that has really helped me to come out from depression. You need to exercise regularly to keep you fit and healthy. All the best!

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Police believe the beatings had been dished out regularly for about a month before they were caught on camera.
A domestic worker is facing assault charges after beating up an 80-year-old man he was tasked with looking after because the elderly employer worked him too hard.
According to the Washington Times, he continued that the cure for such disorders is beating, adding that such a woman must be dealt with harshly.
The Kuwaiti also excused the practice of wife beating, because no [Muslim] woman has died as a result of her husband's beating.
He later described beatings and continuous verbal assaults, which for him centered on sexual abuse he'd suffered as a young boy.
State Department found "credible allegations of physical abuse" at WWASP's facility in Samoa, citing "beatings, isolation, food and water deprivation, chokeholds, kicking, punching, bondage, spraying with chemical agents, forced medication, [and] verbal abuse." It called for an investigation by the local government, which resulted in the program's closure.
Asking the question "Is there ever any justification for so-called punishment beatings?" provoked a controversial response.
Callers to the show had mixed reactions, with the majority backing the beatings as a way of keeping thugs in line.
THE troubles hit a new low yesterday when a 13-year-old boy became the youngest ever victim of a paramilitary beating.
REPUBLICAN and loyalist terrorists have carried out more than 500 punishment beatings since the Good Friday Agreement was signed in April, 1998.