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Recent In-Stat research, Mobile Graphics: Smartphones Beat the Drum to Which All Markets March, provides a comprehensive look at the graphics, or GPUs, with a strong emphasis on the integrated or intellectual property (IP) solutions that are available for mobile consumer electronic (CE) devices.
Tell me more about this year's Beat The Drum festival, on the shores of Loch Ness.
The Beat The Drum concert takes place at Borlum Farm, Drumnadrochit.
At left, partner Paul Kramer, CEO Mike Fleming and his brother, Dave Fleming, beat the drum to tell the community Farrell's is back in business.
HE may not beat the drum too much but Cassius Baloyi certainly knows how to beat his opponents.
So if you want to beat the drum for anything from archery to wind surfing this is your chance.
That's why they put you up there to beat the drum,' '' he said.