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(bēd′l), George Wells 1903-1989.
American biologist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for discovering how genes transmit hereditary characteristics.
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Beadle is one of the star turns at the Birmingham Book Festival, and will be appearing at South Birmingham College's Digbeth campus next Wednesday.
Beadle points out: "The notion of IQ is worse than useless, since it only really measures one very specific skill: the ability to crack codes."
Beadle suggests teachers should get such children up off their chairs and use action and movement in learning strategies.
Beadle will be doing exactly that - getting members of his audience up off their bums - at his book festival 'gig' (old rock habits, and terminology, die hard).
"It generally goes down like an absolute storm," says Beadle. "It taps into how paltry their own school education was.
Beadle is a black belt in 'that kind of work' because, in the world of corporate management-speak, he thinks outside the box; and it helps that he is a squiggle.
Since the funeral she has only seen him three times when Sue Beadle drove her to watch his TV show being filmed.
After Leon's death Beadle bought some of his camera equipment from her for about pounds 250, said Marie.
A little while later Sue Beadle called Marie to tell her about a job she had heard about.
But Marie said Beadle could not help her find a solicitor when she was having problems with her landlord because he was too busy.
Leon's sister Anne said Beadle turned her brother's funeral into a farce.
But Beadle didn't treat the funeral at all seriously.