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"But with beach grass, all you get is beach grass."
European beach grass, now dominating a thousand-mile coast, was introduced to stabilize dunes.
He envisions supporting efforts ranging from fish habitat restoration on the Elk, Sixes and Coquille rivers to creating more habitat for silvery phacelia, a native plant threatened by a loss of habitat to non-native beach grass.
1 Red-hot poker (Kniphofia uvaria) Its upright green leaves resemble beach grass. In summer, coral red buds atop tall stems open to orange or yellow blossoms (hummingbirds love them).
The company is also launching a new solid sheet line of 210 ringspun cotton in 10 muted shades, including sea glass blue, beach grass, beach plum, linen white and sand dune.
And she finds she can't bear it-- not his beautiful neck, stretched and corded, not his hair fallen to one side like beach grass, not the curved wing of his ear, washed thin with daylight, deep pink of the inner body-- what she can't bear is that she can't see his face, not that she thinks this exactly--she is rocking and breathing--it's more her body's thought, opening, as it is, into its own sheer truth.
"When he spotted my cruiser he immediately crouched down and attempted to hide behind a patch of beach grass next to the guardrail," Officer Danziger wrote.
Sometimes low-lying mosses, red-berried kinnikinnick and beach grass line wide expanses of sandy trail.
When police approached him, he tried to hide in the beach grass near the dunes.
They'll dismantle the staging area on the foredune across the beach from the wreck and replant beach grass displaced during the three-month-long project.
Most of the pale green grass seen throughout the dunes is European beach grass, introduced around 1910 in Coos Bay to stabilize dunes at the mouths of navigable rivers.
He changed the actual face of the dunes during his time with the federal Soil Conservation Service in the 1950s, after discovering the power of European beach grass to stabilize sand that was smothering houses and roads.