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noun A moist dough from which breads are made
verb To beat repeatedly and/or violently
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CrispTek LLC, Elkridge, MD, the company that sells the rice batter under the brand name Choice Batter, has an exclusive license from USDA for the technology.
In between pitches, a batter may not step out of the batter's box unless he asks for "time" from the plate umpire and it is granted--and it must be for a valid reason, such as a foreign object in the batter's eye.
The first time up, batters are more concerned with making contact than hitting with power.
A spokeswoman for Birmingham's local education authority last night said Batters would remain suspended until the school governors made a final decision on his job in the next few days.
A player or coach has often seen the right-handed batter work the count to 3-0.
AP-An old English recipe of using beer to make fish and chip batter can reduce fat absorption by almost 40 percent, researchers said Wednesday.
Though the normal rice batter cooked well and absorbed substantially less oil than wheat-based batters, it initially didn't puff up as well.
Cross measured forces on batters' hands and noted what batters said they felt during impacts at varying distances along the bat.
Because Batters is a fetishist, his compositions are based largely on a predictable set of signifiers, a fantasy schema that would be flat if not for the inchoate human feeling that comes squeezing through the tiny conduit of the fetish with a satisfying ka-thump all the more intense for the compression.
With the best pitchers spread over more teams and other less-skilled pitchers joining the majors, batters have a better shot at hitting over the fence.
Separately to different batters, investigators added 3%, on a dry materials weight basis, of each of four oat fibers with different water-holding capacities.