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noun A moist dough from which breads are made
verb To beat repeatedly and/or violently
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"Our batters put a lot of pressure on Pinckneyville's defense and our pitching staff worked themselves out of troubled situations," he added.
About five years ago, consumers got their first taste of a rice batter developed from USDA-ARS patented technology.
If catcher's interference and fielder's interference are counted as separate Ways, then batters reached first base by 7 (out of 8) different Ways in this game (hit, walk, fielder's choice, error, hit by pitch, catcher's interference, fielder's interference); there was no batter reaching first by way of a dropped third strike.
But that's the second time he has struck out 14 batters in a game this year!
The Home Run Hitter is adjustable to batters of any strength since it has nine different settings for varying velocities.
Maintaining popularity in the dessert category, cupcakes are joining Bake'n Joy's FreshBakes line of ready-to-bake batters. Available in Chocolate, Yellow and Red Velvet, the 2.5-ounce batters come mixed, measured and deposited in a 48-count case--all retailers have to do is bake and decorate.
The acquisition provides Rieber & Son with an early position in the chilled and liquid batters field, where it could grow due to its expertise in product development and flavoring, it said.
Leading UK clean label ingredients manufacturer, Ulrick & Short Ltd has unveiled a unique wheat-based flour for enhancing the textural qualities of tempura batters.
The foundations of most batters is flour, eggs and a liquid, mostly milk.
The stated goal of this rule change was to boost offensive output by increasing the talent pool of batters in the lineup.
A few years ago, as result of a customer request and an R&D restructuring, I found myself immersed in the development of high-end, pre-deposited muffin batters for a large operation.
Terence Batters, 48, was dismissed after a "disciplinary procedure".