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noun A moist dough from which breads are made
verb To beat repeatedly and/or violently
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When batterers use violence and psychological torment in order to control their victims, they engage in torture.
Emerge, which identifies itself as the first batterer intervention program in the U.S., began in 1977, before certification standards.
This article proposes an ethical duty for prosecutors to charge batterers to the full extent of the law.
(36) Civil protection orders, broadly defined, enjoined batterers from further violence against victims and thus "provide[d] victims with a quicker, more comprehensive, less difficult to obtain form of protection than that which is available in the criminal system." (37) The terms of these orders could include anything from a requirement that the batterer stay away from his victim's home or workplace, his children's schools, and any other places frequented by the victim to a provision requiring him to leave their shared residence.
A, South Grafton, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (cellphone), admitted to sufficient facts but continued without a finding, one year supervised probation, fined $50, ordered to remain alcohol free and undergo random screens, ordered to attend a batterers program and ordered not to abuse the victim.
Midway during the 15-minute argument, the researchers interrupted the argument at 71/2 minutes and randomly assigned the male batterer to one of three conditions: 1) a time out; 2) a request to edit out the negative, where he makes the same points in a more neutral fashion; or, 3) a request to accept influence, where he listens to the female's ideas, trusts that the partner may be right and validates her idea even if his idea is different.
As a main hypothesis, batterers in prison would be expected to present a different and more disturbed psychopathological profile because they have been involved in a more serious crime and have been living in prison for a long time.
(27) The court orders batterers to have no contact with the victim in these Injunctions, and can also order other protections and assistance for the children and victim, including batterer intervention programs, child support, and supervised visitation.
However, differences in state laws regarding the definition of and response to domestic violence affect both the consequences for and treatment options of batterers and the safety and treatment options of victims.
She talks about the characteristics of the batterer and gives information about intervention and treatment programs for batterers as well as the battered.
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