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noun A moist dough from which breads are made
verb To beat repeatedly and/or violently
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When batterers use violence and psychological torment in order to control their victims, they engage in torture.
Emerge, which identifies itself as the first batterer intervention program in the U.
36) Civil protection orders, broadly defined, enjoined batterers from further violence against victims and thus "provide[d] victims with a quicker, more comprehensive, less difficult to obtain form of protection than that which is available in the criminal system.
Midway during the 15-minute argument, the researchers interrupted the argument at 71/2 minutes and randomly assigned the male batterer to one of three conditions: 1) a time out; 2) a request to edit out the negative, where he makes the same points in a more neutral fashion; or, 3) a request to accept influence, where he listens to the female's ideas, trusts that the partner may be right and validates her idea even if his idea is different.
At present, results from batterer treatment programmes indicate that the motivation of batterers is often weak at the beginning of treatment, and very unstable along the course of treatment (Echeburua, Sarasua, Zubizarreta, Amor, & Corral, 2010).
Many batterers are violent role models who disrupt their children's relationship with their mothers, (19) even after separation.
92) Yet, batterers tend to believe that their views are superior to those of other individuals.
Several treatment approaches have been developed to address the distinctly different needs of female batterers (Heyman & Schlee, 2003; Larance, 2006; Leisring, Dowd, & Rosenbaum, 2003).
Euro-Food Machinery will be showing the FMT range of coating machines which include 400mm, 600mm, and 1000mm belt-width batterers, pre-dusters and crumbers for coating a wide range of meat, poultry, fish, bakery, vegetables and confectionery products.
Batterers can change, and we need to care for and support
Safe Passage, which has aided about 300 battered women, finds doctors and dentists to repair lost teeth and the scars inflicted by their batterers.