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Frederick E., British ophthalmologist, 1865-1918. See: Batten-Mayou disease, Batten disease.
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I was surprised when the fire first broke out and we battened down.
"As I was saying, when we first battened down, I was surprised.
This was the being I was helping to transfer to London, where, perhaps, for centuries to come he might, amongst its teeming millions, satiate his lust for blood, and create a new and ever-widening circle of semi-demons to batten on the helpless.
To this Neptune lord of the earthquake made answer, "Idomeneus, may he never return from Troy, but remain here for dogs to batten upon, who is this day wilfully slack in fighting.
And the first surprise came very soon, when the explosives (to which he owed his sudden chance of engagement)--dynamite in cases and blasting powder in barrels--taken on board, main hatch battened for sea, cook restored to his functions in the galley, anchor fished and the tug ahead, rounding the South Foreland, and with the sun sinking clear and red down the purple vista of the channel, he went on the poop, on duty, it is true, but with time to take the first freer breath in the busy day of departure.
A door using 5/4 boards and battens could still be made with 3-inch nails, but I'd use 3 1/2 inch or 4-inch nails for a 6/4 door.
The Throckley tot has become the youngest person ever to receive groundbreaking treatment for rare - and currently incurable - Battens Disease.
Their five-year-old son Liam passed away in his parents' arms just before 7am yesterday, repeating the heartbreak of four years ago when his sister Saoirse also succumbed to Battens Disease.
Tools and materials: 18v cordless hammer drill driver Chop or hand saw Masonry and wood drill bits Tape measure, spirit level Plywood and 2in x 1in timber battens Wall plugs, screws, pipe insulation 1.
So in 1973 Battens Farm was dismantled, brick by brick, beam by beam, before being repaired, renovated and re-erected on modern foundations, on a half acre plot in Ipsley.
And this week, we're fixing that panelling to the battens you've attached to the wall.