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Frederick E., British ophthalmologist, 1865-1918. See: Batten-Mayou disease, Batten disease.
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We'd have been saying, "we got away with it but need to batten down the hatches again".
These new tools will allow users to check up on their online activity and, if required, batten down the hatches.
BATTEN down the hatches, stock up with tinned food and toilet rolls and prepare for an extreme winter.
If you are on an island you can only batten down the hatches and wait for it to pass.
So, don't batten down the hatches, open them up and invite someone in for a cup of tea.
BRITAIN was warned to stay at home and batten down the hatches last night in preparation for the worst storm in more than five years.
The intimate Wolverhampton venue was the latest stopoff where it was necessary to batten down the hatches with 'sold-out' signs.
But there is no need to batten down the hatches as the storm is expected to lose its power over the ocean.
Show me any natural disaster in history that was averted because the Michael Fishes of this world told you to batten down the hatches.
They will probably throw everything at us in the first half, and we will probably have to batten down the hatches.
The great entertainers of the Welsh Premiership were today told to batten down the hatches.