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Frederick E., British ophthalmologist, 1865-1918. See: Batten-Mayou disease, Batten disease.
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BRITAIN was warned to stay at home and batten down the hatches last night in preparation for the worst storm in more than five years.
Weathermen are now urging people to batten down the hatches once again as the high winds continue.
Britons were warned to batten down the hatches over fears of falling roof tiles, cracking branches and damaged power lines.
The intimate Wolverhampton venue was the latest stopoff where it was necessary to batten down the hatches with 'sold-out' signs.
It is time for public sector trade unions to concentrate on home issues and batten down the hatches to ride out the storm due to hit on May 7.
Batten down the hatches. There is no hiding place from the cold wind of recession.
The SNP better batten down the hatches. It is going to be a bumpy ride.
"They will probably throw everything at us in the first half, and we will probably have to batten down the hatches.
The great entertainers of the Welsh Premiership were today told to batten down the hatches. The message came from Glamorgan Wanderers coach Richard Hodges, after seeing his side leak over 100 points in their opening four matches.
Can't stand the Spring with its nettle stings, Hay fever, wasps and the weeds it bring It's then the wife buys paint, and 'justa' Head and means "get crackin' Buster"Too flaming hot" I moan at Summer Each trickle of sweat turns my visage glummer I nearly blow my temperature gaskets Continually waterin' those hanging baskets Listen, what goads me to complain Is that never endin' Autumn rain Brushing leaves stuck to the muddy floor Makes my back ache worse than before Winter draws on, batten down the hatches The forecast?
WHEN Sunderland, even with star striker Kevin Phillips on the sidelines, score seven goals in a game it doesn't take a genius to predict that the layers will batten down the hatches, writes Bruce Millington.
BATTEN down the hatches - Ireland will be battered by Storm Eleanor tomorrow.