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A sedentary activity consisting of lying exposed to the Sun or under a UVA lamp, usually for 15–30 min, to achieve a ’tan’; risks include benign, premalignant, or malignant—e.g., SCC and BCC—lesions, as well as an increased risk of melanoma due to indoor tanning
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Dermatology A sedentary 'activity' consisting of autobasting, beached-whale-like under a UVA lamp in 15-30 min dollops to achieve a natural look; heuristically 'logical' evidence that a sleek well-tanned jet-set wannabe' enviable 'look to die for' might be a bad thing confirms an ↑ risk of benign, premalignant, or frankly malignant–eg, SCC–RR of 2.5 and BCC–RR of 1.5–lesions linked to 'recreational' tanning. See Melanoma. See Tanning device.
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Patient discussion about tanning

Q. I had breast cancer 13 years ago and had a lumpectomy.Can I tan at a tanning salon? I recently bought a tanning salon and the urge to tan is really strong. I was going to put alot of lotion on the spot of surgery and a towel to help. What do you think?

A. Because you most probably had radiation therapy after your lumpectomy, and some damage was caused to the skin and soft tissues as it happens most of the time after getting radiation, I doubt it would be the best thing for you body to get treatments at a tanning salon, where they expose you to more rays. Perhaps if you avoid tanning in that area it wouldn't be a major problem but I think you should consult a doctor first..

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The replacement of conventional deliming with ammonia salts by deliming with peracetic acid requires innovating the bating process.
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