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Denoting the shift of an absorption spectrum maximum to a longer wavelength. Opposite of hypsochromic.
[batho- + G. chrōma, color]
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Cis-platin and its analogs were reported to have hyperchromic and bathochromic shifts [55].
In UV-Vis spectra, a bathochromic shift has been observed for complexes (1)-(4).
This delocalisation will lead to a larger effective conjugation length and hence a bathochromic shift for the absorption and luminescence features [29].
Copigmentation refers to the self-association of anthocyanins or their association with certain phenolic monomers and results in color stabilization due to hyperchromic and bathochromic shifts in the visible absorbance [7].
The addition of HP-betaCD led to a hypsochromic shift of 2 nm (from 284 nm to 286 nm) and a bathochromic effect (k band decrease in intensity).
The most important information regarding the coordination site in morin can be easily observed from UV-visible spectra, which show that 1: 1 interaction in metal: morin causes the bathochromic shift in both bands.
Specifically, phenolic compounds with two or more vicinal hydroxy benzyl moieties in their structure, such as catechols and pyrogallols, were examined for their ability to give spectral bathochromic shift phenomena when mixed with iron salts.
The transition had undergone bathochromic shift toward visible region due to coordination effect.
Moreover, at increasing the gap between contacting bodies the contribution of spectral range to interaction energy experiences the "bathochromic shift" to microwave and low-frequency band inclusive.