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Denoting the shift of an absorption spectrum maximum to a longer wavelength. Opposite of hypsochromic.
[batho- + G. chrōma, color]
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The Schiff base and resin displayed Bathochromic shift and a new band in resin as compared to the Schiff base approved polycondensation and supports the formation of resin.
transition in the ligand had completely disappeared while bathochromic shift was observed in n[right arrow][[pi].
The free 7-OH was confirmed by a bathochromic shift upon addition of NaOAc compared to MeOH spectrum (ca 11 nm).
Contemporary methodology based on the reaction between urea and diacetyl monoxime normally includes the addition of thiosemicarbazide, which results in a bathochromic shift to 525-530nm.
The shorter the linker, the greater this bathochromic shift.
During protein interaction, a bathochromic shift occurred and shifted the maximum to 590 nm.
A bathochromic shift of 14 nm occurred with sodium hydroxide, giving a peak maximum at 546 nm for the red chromophore.
It is postulated that the bathochromic shift seen in the Tinuvin 327 spectrum, versus Tinuvin 328, provides enhanced stabilization of the aromatic polyurethane against the longer UV wavelength light.
The raw extract, and the extract after the addition of the denaturing agent, were scanned from 200 nm to 700 nm (Pharmacia Ultraspec III) to measure any bathochromic shifts ([[lambda].
The bathochromic shifts calculated towards max DHTF are in the range of 142-152 nm.
DTU exhibited bathochromic shift of about 8 nm, whereas, 2-TU demonstrated a hypsochromic shift followed by bathochromic shift as the concentration of CTAB increased from pre-micellar to micellar concentration.