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A non-interactive, one-way transmission of data that does not require an immediate response, if at all.

A command-line parameter available for some programs that enables running of a program as a separate process in a batch queue; the program job may execute immediately as a separate process or may wait in a batch queue to execute at a later time. After the job is submitted to batch, the terminal is freed for other work.

A group of clinical specimens that are processed at the same time.

A specific quantity of material or drug substance processed in one run or a series of runs, and thus expected to result in a homogenous end-product.
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of York, Pa., on the details of site preparation for the new batch plant, including an insulated enclosure to house the new batching system and aggregate storage bins.
"It was a logistics nightmare to ensure that we could still produce with the old batching system while we were building the new plant just outside," observes Tom Koons.
In this study, we consider the N-level batching problem (NLBP) with a hierarchical clustering structure for minimizing the total cost for processing all items.
In the further research, we will apply the proposed algorithm to real world such as the batching processes of the semiconductor wafer fabrications to reduce the manufacturing cost.
There are two basic types of weigh batching bulk bag dischargers available.
A gain-in-weight batching system uses an integral conveyor/feeder to discharge material into a hopper or vessel which is mounted on a scale.
* an automatic control system of on-line batching of raw materials and of mixer cycle;
Reception, storage and batching of raw materials For the handling of polymers, carbon blacks, white fillers, oils and small ingredients, various solutions are possible, depending on local goods availability, which characterizes the way these products are packed when reaching the plant.
The number of ingredients affects batching cycle time and accuracy.
When the batching station is in automatic mode, the ingredient order of each batch charge unit (BCU) or the recipe is optimized for most efficient use of the carousel.
This would reduce wear and tear of the carousel and speed up the batching of multiple recipes.
Repeatable weighing accuracies from [+ or -]0.1% for batching blenders to [+ or -]0.5% of full-scale capacity for continuous loss-in-weight system.