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A non-interactive, one-way transmission of data that does not require an immediate response, if at all.

A command-line parameter available for some programs that enables running of a program as a separate process in a batch queue; the program job may execute immediately as a separate process or may wait in a batch queue to execute at a later time. After the job is submitted to batch, the terminal is freed for other work.

A group of clinical specimens that are processed at the same time.

A specific quantity of material or drug substance processed in one run or a series of runs, and thus expected to result in a homogenous end-product.
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Let [mathematical expression not reproducible] be the number of items of cluster [l.sup.(n)] not batched at level n and assume that [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Let [PHI]([l.sup.(n)]) be the set of [mathematical expression not reproducible] needed to be considered in DP recursive equations to obtain an optimal solution of the NLBP when unit processing cost, [mathematical expression not reproducible], is charged for batched items.
The correct design of the mixing room and adequate work methods are extremely important in order to guarantee a very high level of the batched products while respecting the work environment.