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Tilia (tēˑ·lē·),

n parts used: flowers, fruits; uses: antispasmodic, nervine, indigestion, cold, colic, diuretic, mild gallbladder conditions; precautions: none known. Also called
lime flower or
linden flower.
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Those basswood rubs can be pretty impressive--they're all shredded up--but I am not so sure they really tell you a whole lot about the bucks that made them.
Group 2 contained basswood only, which had differing APRs between time periods.
Chris Mongeulzo of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank represented Basswood, a hedge fund; Matt Leon of Newmark and Chip Sealy of T.
Known by many as a "soft" hard-wood, basswood has long been a favorite with woodcarvers and music instrument makers.
The solid wood shutters (both manual and motorised) are made from the finest grade basswood and are available in white and a range of rich wood stains.
Nestled between a stand of flooded red willow and my golden retriever Squirt's elevated platform, Basswood Lodge owner Dave Forsythe and I watched in amazement as dozens of blue- and green-winged teal strafed our decoys.
The wooden blinds are made from non-endangered basswood and are made to measure to ensure they fit your window perfectly - all you have to do is put them in.
The husband had been collaborating on it with Orlando-area artisan Don Reynolds, who dreamed up and carved the dramatic, turbulent, wave-themed basswood arches that march down the entry foyer.
You see, before he went away to war he was engaged to my mother's mother, Amy Cecil Howse UE, born 1894 in Basswood, Humberstone, Ontario.
But for a few days, there is an ephemeral green tinge to the maple and beech, basswood and birch trees that cling to the cliffs that drop down to the engorged river below.
He was turning out a dozen 12-foot Delta kites a week on a treadle (foot-powered) sewing machine, cutting his own spars out of Indiana basswood.
basswood (Tilia americana) and hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) were the most widely distributed taxa and that these four taxa were more or less abundant in this same order.