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Tilia (tēˑ·lē·),

n parts used: flowers, fruits; uses: antispasmodic, nervine, indigestion, cold, colic, diuretic, mild gallbladder conditions; precautions: none known. Also called
lime flower or
linden flower.
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Seven species were increasing in real price APRs while three--ash, basswood, and yellow-poplar--were not.
Basswood works especially well with the fine detail work typically found in wildlife carving.
Even though the terrain surrounding Basswood Lodge is relatively flat, its varied cover--from hardwoods to planted crops--provides a challenging setting for upland hunters and their dogs.
Gourmet honeys include clover, orange blossom, basswood, wildflower and buckwheat, all possessing different flavor characteristics.
This collection started twenty-five years ago when William Herrick began to carve basswood.
In fact, the more seniors find out about the Medicare expansion, the less they like it, according to a poll conducted by Basswood Research.
Twenty and twenty-five years after the tornado the most damaged portion of the forest is still a sugar maple/ slippery elm community, with chinkapin oak, Ohio buckeye, American basswood, white ash and hackberry of secondary importance.
Writing this magazine is not like ice sculpting or whittling a good piece of basswood into a toothpick.
Great Windows has added real wood cornices, in cherry, oak and painted basswood.
At the lowest elevations, cove hardwood forests contribute most to fall color with the reds and oranges of maples, the yellows of basswood, buckeye, tulip poplar, hickory, and silverbell, and the reddish browns and dark reds of oak trees.
Creek walks around the forest to each of his crop trees, ranging from white pine and basswood to oak and maple, with a notebook and a diameter tape, measuring his "girls.
The original statue, which Bird posed for, was created in laminated basswood in 1987 and currently is on display at the Fleet Center's New England Sports Museum, Boston.