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Frank A., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome.
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So exquisite is the adaptation of Bass to Treble, of Tenor to Contralto, that oftentimes the Loved Ones, though twenty thousand leagues away, recognize at once the responsive note of their destined Lover; and, penetrating the paltry obstacles of distance, Love unites the three.
The garden-child, who did not know what bass was, stood rooted to the path with horror.
As to poachers like Trapping Bass, you know, Chettam," he continued, as they were entering, "when you are a magistrate, you'll not find it so easy to commit.
Here were old friends aboard, who fried my black bass in olive oil.
The first to dance in the hot oil were the mullets, the bass followed, then the whitefish, the flounders, and the anchovies.
Sergey Ivanovitch would have said something, but Pestsov interrupted him in his rich bass.
But we take our stand on principle as the ideal," replied Pestsov in his mellow bass.
If you'll only be good enough to look up my record," he boomed out in his great, clear oratorical bass, "you'll see I gave a warning only three months ago, on the occasion of the Grand Duke Romuald's visit to Paris, which was telegraphed from here to the French police, and - "
In that case, the linnet-throated soprano and the full-toned bass singing,--
August 10, 2005: Bass appears on Bravo's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List when the comedian is hosting "gay game night" at her house.
If you are an advanced bass player, equally adept with the treble clef as with the bass def, then you need to know this collection of etudes--if you aren't already aware of it.
He interviewed and fished with bass anglers from Castaic Lake to Cuba.