basophil granule

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1. a small particle or grain.
2. a small pill made of sucrose.
acidophil g's granules staining with acid dyes.
aleuronoid g's colorless myeloid colloidal bodies found in the base of pigment cells.
alpha g's
1. oval granules found in blood platelets; they are lysosomes containing acid phosphatase.
2. large granules in the alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans; they secrete glucagon.
3. acidophilic granules in the acidophils of the adenohypophysis.
amphophil g's granules that stain with both acid and basic dyes.
azurophil g's (azurophilic g's) coarse reddish granules that contain myeloperoxidase and stain easily with azure dyes, found in mature neutrophils and their precursor cells.
Babès-Ernst granule metachromatic granule.
basophil granule
1. a granule that stains with basic dyes.
2. one of the coarse bluish-black granules found in basophils.
3. (in plural) beta granules (def. 2).
beta g's
1. granules in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans; they secrete insulin.
2. basophilic granules in the basophils of the adenohypophysis.
Birbeck g's rod- or tennis racquet–shaped inclusions with a central linear, longitudinally striated nucleus, found in the cytoplasm of Langerhans' cells.
chromatic g's (chromophilic g's) Nissl bodies.
cone g's the nuclei of the visual cells in the outer nuclear layer of the retina that are connected with the cones.
eosinophil granule one of the coarse round granules that stain with eosin and are found in eosinophils.
iodophil g's granules staining brown with iodine, seen in polymorphonuclear leukocytes in various acute infectious diseases.
lamellar granule keratinosome.
metachromatic granule a granular cell inclusion that stains a color different from that of the dye used. In certain bacteria, yeasts, yeastlike fungi, and protozoa, metachromatic granules appear red when stained with a blue dye. They are composed of complex polyphosphate, lipid, and nucleoprotein molecules (volutin) and serve as an intracellular phosphate reserve. Called also Babès-Ernst body or granule.
Nissl's g's Nissl bodies.
oxyphil g's acidophil granules.
pigment g's small masses of coloring matter in pigment cells.
rod g's the nuclei of the visual cells in the outer nuclear layer of the retina; they are connected with the rods.
Schüffner's g's Schüffner's dots.
seminal g's the small granular bodies in the semen.

ba·so·phil gran·ule

a granule that stains readily with a basic dye.

basophil granule

A nonphagocytic membrane-bound granule containing CD63, which is found in basophils, mast cells and platelets, and which contains protein-bound histamine and a heparin-like mucopolysaccharide matrix.

basophil granule

A cellular granule that stains with a basic dye.
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