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basic services, frequently insurance companies split dental procedures into basic and major categories. Basic services usually consist of diagnostic, preventive, and routine restorative dental services. The plan may provide different deductibles, coinsurance, and maximums for basic versus major services as incentives to good dental care.
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But, it is sustainable to offer free basic services that are simpler, use less data and work on all low- end phones, he added.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Cloud-based Storage in US$ Million by the following Service Type: Basic Services, and Advanced Services.
Summary: Al Khabourah: People under the Abasah scheme in Al Khabourah demanded for basic services which .
It aims at educating the citizens and residents on the importance of preserving assets of basic services of electricity, telecommunications, water, wastewater and municipalities' utilities.
The program will also invest in basic services and social programs in neighborhoods in San Salvador.
BNA) Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki has pledged to halve his salary aimed growing frustrations over mounting inequality and poor basic services.
The ceremony was within the programme of provision of basic services provided by the state government.
The Washington-headquartered World Bank Group on Wednesday has given its approval for a support worth US$600 million intended for bolstering Ethiopia s persistent moves to ensure impartial access to basic services to the citizens.
The scope of the market is composed of basic services and supplementary services.
With MCI's Dial "1" rates, customers may save up to 13 percent against AT&T's basic services, and up to 33 percent with Friends & Family.
Chairperson of the Committee, Mr Sisa Njikelana welcomed the earnest and honest attempts from the stakeholders to remedy the numerous challenges facing Free Basic Services (FBS), especially free basic electricity.
In the Gulf of social and health services, Oiva and Basic Services for Basic Services in the high seas in cooperation with representatives of preparing mentally handicapped and severely disabled housing and short-term care services in accordance with the Public Procurement tenders.
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