basic metabolic rate

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basal metabolic rate

A baseline rate of metabolism expressed as O2 consumption or heat production under resting or at basal conditions, usually measured long after eating.

The BMR may be calculated with a formula for calculating a person’s proteo-caloric requirements; BMR is measured under basal conditions—12 hours after eating, after a night’s sleep, no exercise or activity preceding test, without emotional stress and at a comfortable temperature. BMR is increased in hyperthyroidism and decreased in hypothyroidism.

The most commonly used formula for calculating BMR is that of Harris and Benedict:
BMR, Male= 66 + (13.7 x Wt) + (5 x Ht) – (6.8 x age)

BMR, Female: 655 + (9.6 x Wt) + (1.8 x Ht) – (4.7 x age)
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