basic induction

basic induction,

n initial phase of hypnosis during which patients are gradually encouraged to relax while being given information about the ensuing hypnosis session.
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Director General (DG) Training and Research (T and R) Division NAB gave briefing on the training program for Investigators Basic Induction Course 2015 and informed that Investigator's Basic Induction Course for 113 newly recruited Investigation Officers from BS-16 to BS-18 has been started at Police Training College Sihala.
Director General (DG) Training and Research (T and R) Division gave presentation on the training programme planned for Investigators Basic Induction Course 2015.
In association with NAVIS Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of dynamic positioning and ship automation systems ,dedicated to providing the international marine industry with reliable, high-quality ship automation control and positioning systems that contribute to safety at sea and the greater efficiency and profitability of clients' businesses, GMC has been the first to introduce DP courses (DP Basic induction & DP Advanced/Simulator) in Greece, fully dedicated to meet the needs of the international maritime industry.
As well as basic induction programs for new starters run by the Corporate University, Uniastrum operates a number of focused training initiatives for tellers, sales staff, middle managers, and other specialists, the priority aim of which is to hone professional and communication skills, as well as improve their personal qualities.
NEWLY-QUALIFIED and foreign doctors need to go on a basic induction course before they start working in the UK amid fears they may be underprepared to start treating patients, a regulator said yesterday.
Additionally, all Chadian National Police, Gendarmes, and Army recruits receive drug awareness training as part of their basic induction courses.
Introductory material, a basic induction script for the relaxation method, an ego strengthening script, specific instructions for IBS clients, suggestions for self-hypnosis and relaxation, a reorientation script, an eye fixation and closure script, a script for progressive relaxation, a tree metaphor, and alternative and additional inductions are given for the first 2 sessions.
State Police Chief Karam Veer Singh inaugurated the basic induction course of the first Blue Hawks batch at the commando training school in Lucknow.
The basic induction courses focus on report writing, fire protection, investigations, patrols and fixed posts, communications, emergency situations, physical security, crime prevention, public relations, civil and criminal law, and ethics.
They join the gym, have a basic induction and are then left to their own devices.
Recently the Industrial Society estimated that the cost of replacing someone on a salary of some pounds 15,000 a year is about pounds 7,000 when one takes into account matters such as operational disruption, advertising, interviewing, selection and basic induction.
He said this while chairing a meeting at NAB Headquarter to review training Plan prepared by of Training and Research Division for the Investigators Basic Induction Course (BIC) at Police Training College, Sihala during for the newly recruited Investigation Officers in 2015.
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