basic fuchsin

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any of several red to purple dyes, sometimes specifically basic fuchsin.
acid fuchsin a mixture of sulfonated fuchsins; used in various complex stains.
basic fuchsin a histologic stain, containing predominantly pararosaniline and rosaniline.
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ba·sic fuch·sin

[C.I. 42500]
a triphenylmethane dye the dominant component of which is pararosanilin; an important stain in histology, histochemistry, and bacteriology.
Synonym(s): diamond fuchsin
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ba·sic fuch·sin

(bā'sik fūk'sin)
[CI 42500] A triphenylmethane dye the dominant component of which is pararosanilin; an important stain in histology, histochemistry, and bacteriology.
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It was also recorded the presence of short cells, lined up, which received little color on treatment with basic fuchsin. They were described by Alquini et al.
Lower (2.5-20 mg/L) and higher (100-1000 mg/L) range of feed concentration of basic fuchsin and methyl violet dyes were prepared in distilled water at different pH and also in distilled water with varied molar concentration of sodium chloride and calcium chloride.
Interpretation & conclusions: Sputum samples can be stored for up to seven days in the sputum container with phenol ammonium sulphate basic fuchsin solution.
Sections (2 [mu]m) for light microscopy were stained with methylene blue-azure II and basic fuchsin (Humphrey et al.
Chromosome number (2n = 4x = 40) was determined by microscopic observation of root tips that had been pretreated for 2 h in a saturated aqueous solution of otbromonaphthalene, transferred to 5 M HCI for 2 min, then stained in basic fuchsin (1%, v/v) for several hours and squashed in acetic orcein (1%, v/v).
Semithin (1 to 2 pm) sections were cut with glass knives on an ultramicrotome and stained with toluidine blue and basic fuchsin for light microscopic examination with bright-field and differential interference contrast optics.
[4] Basic fuchsin (0.8%) [4] and carbol fuchsin are recommended primarily for anaerobes and other weakly staining Gram-negative rods that are poorly demonstrated with safranin.
After this period, the samples were washed in distilled water, transversal cut freehand with a razor blade, stained with double staining, astra blue and basic fuchsin (Roeser, 1962), and mounted on semipermanent histological slides.
Bacteriological and biochemical features of Brucella strains Strain TZ (twin boy) TS (twin girl) [CO.sub.2] requirement - - [H.sub.2]S production - - Dye inhibition * Thionin + + Basic fuchsin + + Mono-specific anti-serum agglutination ([dagger]) A + + M + + R - - Lysis test by Brucella spp.
The change of the basic fuchsin concentrations was analyzed by the UV-vis spectrophotometer (Hitachi U-3010).
The present study was undertaken with the objective to stain sputum samples in their containers by 'phenol (10%) ammonium sulphate (4%) basic fuchsin (2%) solution' and to decolourize and counterstain their smears for detection of AFB- (henceforth called pot method) and to compare the smear results of pot method with the standard Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) method.