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To these basic benefit may be added a pse described in Article 2.
The basic problem is that many of the airlines market the same things, usually the basic benefits of flying, and so they are not giving passengers a reason to choose if they have a choice," said Tom Dougherty, CEO of Stealing Share, Inc.
To oversee the system, a federal health board would be created that would define the basic benefits package, set reimbursement rates for providers and offer guidelines for regional boards, which would be responsible for administering specific geographic areas.
Basic benefits include - Glass collection by voluntary contributions,- Weekly collection of residual household waste in door to door,- Treatment of OMR- Separate collection at the voluntary intake points- Tri-packaging recyclable waste;As well as any additional services the following - The collection of bulky- Containerization OMR- Cleaning of columns voluntary contribution.
Under their existing contract, workers lack basic benefits like sick time, vacation, or retirement -- all of which are provided to other county employees.
00 an hour in addition to having access to basic benefits like healthcare and other proactive employee benefits.
Fixed basic benefits that the original amount is the minimum amount of the contract
If this ruling is not overturned by the Michigan Supreme Court, thousands of families -- gay and straight -- in Michigan will lose their health insurance and other basic benefits of employment.
It includes an overall price for the basic benefits of cleaning the premises and glazing and the provision of distribution equipment and consumables hygiene to equip the health of the entire premises.
The members of all of the Change to Win unions have come together to support the hardworking men and women in the hotel industry and we will not rest until they receive the living wages and basic benefits they deserve.
Facing continued double-digit increases in the costs of such basic benefits as health insurance, he added, "we know that we're not going to be able to offer the same benefits next year that we're offering this year.
Object of the contract are the basic benefits under A* 33 HOAI Architectural Services Building design for buildings (Phases 5-9), A* 49 HOAI structural design (phases 4-6) and A* 53 HOAI Technical Equipment (phases 5-9).

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