baseline data

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baseline data

The objective data obtained from a patient or subject set before randomisation and entry in a clinical trial.


a known value or quantity used to measure or assess an unknown, as a baseline urine sample.

baseline data
a set of data collected at the beginning of a study or before intervention has occurred.
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Once we have the baseline data, the extrusion system should be spot-checked to see if there is drift from the baseline.
Baseline offers data migration, training, marketing consulting and implementation guidance for free when a firm signs up for the service,” said Chris Furgis, President of Baseline Data Systems.
These baseline data will inform NACAC's future research to monitor trends in transfer admission.
The premier issue includes information on methods in project evaluation, impact evaluation of rural road projects, reconstructing baseline data, improving nutritional status through behavioral changes, and impact assessments and experience evaluations.
Osborne, and Mark Corness, Exceptional Children, 73, 417-433, some of the baseline data for one of the treatment groups (Special Nursery) were incorrectly reported in Table 3.
Caradonio called the science test results "first-time, baseline data.
This stage guides the development of baseline data collection procedures, which in turn, effects treatment development and implementation.
This network will generate the needed baseline data from which to evaluate future environmental changes in a country where much of the population depends on natural resources and coastal integrity.
There was a failure to properly monitor the patient because inadequate or no baseline data were collected, an insufficient history was gathered, or testing required with the medication was not conducted.
The Industry Measure mini-report, "Pricing for Variable Data Print: Baseline Data on What the Industry Is Doing Now", is aimed at printers and other VDP producers and is priced at $299.
BANNOCKBURN, IL -- The World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC), a global partnership of major electronic circuits industry trade associations, has released the publication of its first collaborative statistical report, "WECC Global PCB Production Report--2005 Baseline Data.
Unfortunately, because of the lack of objective pre-deployment health information, we do not have the baseline data needed to draw more definitive conclusions about many aspects of these veterans' long-term health.

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