submentovertex radiograph

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sub·men·to·ver·tex ra·di·o·graph

a radiographic projection showing the base of the skull, positions of the mandibular condyles, and zygomatic arches.
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Before launching the new tool, the user has to create and setup a new layout, and using solview command the base view has to be generated which contents the solid to be sectioned.
The new command can be launched on the AutoCAD command prompter area from the layout which contents the base view. The dialogue is made through a modal window or in the AutoCAD command prompter area.
The user has to input data about base view, data about new sectional view and hatch parameters.
* press the button Select Base View, the dialog box is temporary closed, the base view can be selected by the user, and the dialog window is reopened;
The clinician must be certain to carefully observe the base view of the nose to make the diagnosis (figure 1, B).
According to the company, HelpDesk v5.0 features Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, enabling the user to define, document, manage and monitor service level agreements; Time-Based Escalation, enabling the user to assign escalation rules and define business hours for each SLA; User-Defined Queries; and Knowledge Base Views.
But any surveying of "slices of our membership in January and in December" came before the Woolsey resolution offered an opportunity to find out how the MoveOn base views the measure.
The numerous illustrations include documents, several views of the David from below (as the figure would originally have been viewed), a reconstruction of the David's original base, the David and this base viewed in situ, and many comparanda.