base period

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base pe·ri·od

(bās pēr'ē-ŏd)
12-month time duration divided into quarters.
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Higher increases are expected to occur in developing countries with 79 percent of global sugar production in 2025 compared to 77 percent during the base period. In the developing world, the leading regions are Asia and Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, which are expected to account for 40 percent and 33 percent of global sugar production in 2025 respectively, up from 38 percent and 34 percent during the base period.
(2) The climate model monthly precipitation amount for the control period is also for the same base period.
An early, but statistically nonsignificant, signal for increased stroke and atrial fibrillation and flutter was seen at the end of the study's base period. The trend continued and appeared to be amplified during the 5-year, double-blind, placebo-controlled extension period of the LOFT study.
The US Army has placed initial funded orders of USD12.5m (including the USD10.0m annual IP license fee for the base period) under these contracts and Comtech expects to receive additional funded orders during the base year.
The contract was initially awarded in February 2011, with funding of up to USD97m more than an initial base period ending in February 2014.
A forensic accountant may discover during his or her initial review of records and/or conversations with the policyholder that internal and/or external factors have affected business operations during the potential base period. Furthermore, these factors would have a direct impact on the policyholder's BI loss.
Using historical data and an empirical approach that did not require knowledge of the cause of the observed climate change, the researchers compared recent June, July, and August surface temperature anomalies relative to the base period of 1951-1980.
In 2008, based on a competitive bid, DOE awarded CH2M HILL a cost-plus, award-fee contract valued at approximately $4.5 billion over 10 years, including a five-year base period with the option to extend the contract for another five years.
ISLAMABAD, September 25, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) has changed the base period for monitoring of the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) besides making several other modifications in the index keeping in view the overall changes in incomes since 2000-2001-the earlier based period.
Briefing the media, Secretary Statistics Division, Asif Bajwa said that the base year for CPI was changed from 2000-2001 as 2007-2008 and data was compiled under new base period. It was the 9th change in base period of time series and weightage are derived from the family budget 2007-08 adding that commodity group was increased from 10 to 12 and item was increased from 347 to 487, he added.
The Land Border Integration ontract has one firm fixed-price base period and four one-year options, which are exercisable at the sole discretion of the government.