base of support

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base of sup·port

(BOS) (bās sŭ-pōrt')
Area defined by the parts of the body and assistive devices that are in contact with the supporting surface.
See: repetitive lifting test
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When you're electing an individual to represent a body of people with diverse views, surely it's sensible for that individual to have a broad base of support.
It was noted that, "When shooting prone, shooters use the magazine on the ground as an additional base of support and get their support hands so far forward, some tape their fingers to prevent bums from barrel heat" Well, it's time for an update.
Another factor affecting stability is the size of the base of support. This consists of the area enclosed by the outermost edges of the body in contact with the supporting surface or surfaces.
Whereas legislative leaders in the past wanted big bipartisan victories to ensure a lasting base of support for their policies, the modern Republicans seem to view those extra votes as money left on the table, or as compromises that didn't need to be made.
The plan hinges on building a base of support through alumni chapters of Brigham Young University's business school, called the Marriott School of Management, as well as among top church leadership.
The unusually strong statement from the Bush administration on the Second Amendment was visibly geared toward the November elections domestically, where gun owners provide a key base of support for Bush's Republican Party.
The more material recycled, the more Uerling's organization benefits, she said, adding that Recycle Ann Arbor is "committed to quality and quantity." Recycle Arm Arbor benefits the city by increasing recovery while improving the quality of the material collected; providing a base of support and community ownership; and acting as a seed for other diversion programs, she said.
Mr Howard tried to brush off his appeal to the far left, saying: "I'm in the business of building as wide a base of support for my beliefs and my policies as I can." Labour say the manifesto is "vague".
A bequest helps CSPI create a base of support for our programs, and that enables us to manage unforeseen challenges, take advantage of new opportunities, and mount long-term campaigns (like the 10-year battle over trans-fat labeling).
"For 15 years I had to work alone, and with this money I was able to hire a staff that will help bring in more funds and maintain a base of support so we can continue cleanup on the largest Superfund site in the U.S." CONTACT: Ford Foundation, (212) 573-5000,
These sensors play a dominant role in the maintenance of balance as they inform about the base of support. [10]