base line

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or·bi·to·mea·tal plane

1. a line approximating the base of the cranium, passing from the infraorbital ridge to the midline of the occiput, intersecting the superior margin of the external auditory meatus; the cranium is in the anatomic position when the base line lies in the horizontal plane and right and left sides are level.
2. a standard craniometric reference plane passing through the right and left porion and the left orbitale; drawn on the profile radiograph or photograph from the superior margin of the acoustic meatus to the orbitale.

base line

An imaginary cephalometric line from the infraorbital ridge through the middle of the external auditory meatus to midline of occiput.
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During 1Q 2003 the Company submitted all of the accompanying and additional base line data in Spanish and English languages.
Chris Denove, the Bruins' sophomore catcher out of Agoura Hills, pops a 2-0 pitch down the first base line.
The company has also submitted all of the accompanying and additional base line data in Spanish and English languages, and the EIA review by the Government of Peru is continuing.
All of the information requested by the Ministry is contained within the existing base line studies and detailed design reports.
Goldberg most recently served as Director of Operations for Premier Practice Management, where he developed and implemented new strategies for increasing revenue and reducing costs, operationally out-performing the company's base line by 500%.
Commuters and traffic engineers expect the new stretch to cut drive times and relieve rush-hour traffic jams on several east-west Inland Empire arteries, including Base Line Road, Foothill Boulevard and Arrow Highway, and to pull some drivers off the often-clogged Interstate 10 San Bernardino Freeway.
What is exciting about the Census is that it gives companies like MapInfo the ability to validate our estimates and set a base line for future analysis," said Jon Winslow, CRM market director at MapInfo.
The new terminal will be located between Tremaine Road, First Line, Britannia Road and Lower Base Line and is scheduled to open in late-2002.
We welcome this base line data, but that's the emphasis here - it's base line data.

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