base line

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or·bi·to·mea·tal plane

1. a line approximating the base of the cranium, passing from the infraorbital ridge to the midline of the occiput, intersecting the superior margin of the external auditory meatus; the cranium is in the anatomic position when the base line lies in the horizontal plane and right and left sides are level.
2. a standard craniometric reference plane passing through the right and left porion and the left orbitale; drawn on the profile radiograph or photograph from the superior margin of the acoustic meatus to the orbitale.
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base line

An imaginary cephalometric line from the infraorbital ridge through the middle of the external auditory meatus to midline of occiput.
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After 12 weeks of injection range of BCVA was 6/7.5 to 6/30 Log MAR visual acuity was significantly reduced (p less than 0.001) to 0.33 0.17 (range 0.09-0.7) from the base line value.
The Base Line report can be accessed via council web sites and is hosted at NWWLHMA A formal consultation aimed at both industry and the public runs until May 23.
Thus, it is only natural that these companies are continuously looking for individuals who meet the same standards--or base line values that we referred to earlier--that the company has set for itself.
Steven Tracy's achievements in balancing the myriad external parameters set for a book of this type deserve praise, however, and Write Me A Few Of Your Lines will help form a historically, theoretically, methodologically, and ethnographically sound base line for many blues libraries.
Of those who reported at base line that they had not used condoms at last intercourse, 39% reported condom use at last intercourse at the third follow-up, three months after receiving the EC.
Recent Advances in Cooling Curve Analysis: A New Method of Determining the "Base Line" Equation (99-066) Wiltold T.
The effort, completed by AIL Systems 24 months ahead of schedule, converted early ALQ-161 production systems to a single production base line configuration; completed previously identified Correction of Deficiency (COD) work; and restored CORE Program engineering models to the base line configuration.
In addition, rather than a plying index adjustments to a single base year, it is preferable to create a composite base line, probably from a five-year average taken from a violation-free period.
According to the schedule, power supply from Usman Town, Millat Town, Ramdewali, Shafi Dying, 7-JB, Motorway City, Base Line Industrial, Sitara Textile, Nawaz Town, Sargodha Spinning, CTM, Sandal, Ali Town, Sargodha Road, Dry Port, Samana, Super, Millat Road, Rasool Pur, Muslim Town, Jaguar, Crescent Board, DTM, Mughal Pura, University Town, Noorpur, Kalash, Azhar Corporation and FDA City feeders emanating from 132-KV Chiniot Road grid station will remain suspended from 5:00 am to 7:00 am on Monday (June 17).
To date, CLI has a portfolio of 969 hotel rooms from its five projects: the 180-room Citadines Cebu City in Base Line Center, set for completion this year; the 263-room Citadines Paragon Davao due for opening by 2021; lyf Cebu City, a 180-room hotel in Base Line Prestige that will be operational in 2022; Radisson Red in AS Fortuna in Mandaue City, Cebu with 146 rooms; and Citadines Bacolod, which will have 200 rooms.
Like the devaluation of currency, the amnesty schemes and loan waivers increase the number of poor persons living below the poverty base line: and increases the number of persons legally living above the ultra-rich category, who only pay 10pc of the tax revenue compared with 17pc share of the poor.

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