base line

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or·bi·to·mea·tal plane

1. a line approximating the base of the cranium, passing from the infraorbital ridge to the midline of the occiput, intersecting the superior margin of the external auditory meatus; the cranium is in the anatomic position when the base line lies in the horizontal plane and right and left sides are level.
2. a standard craniometric reference plane passing through the right and left porion and the left orbitale; drawn on the profile radiograph or photograph from the superior margin of the acoustic meatus to the orbitale.

base line

An imaginary cephalometric line from the infraorbital ridge through the middle of the external auditory meatus to midline of occiput.
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Notes: A pre-bid conference will be held on Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM at the City of Highland, City Hall, 27215 Base Line, Highland, California 92346.
Chief Auto bought the half-acre Base Line site in September 1997 from Louis and Joan Tavalione and Joe and Jacqueline Tavalione for $129,000.
Per this cost-plus-incentive-fee undefinitized contract, Boeing will have to finish development of the base line Apache attack helicopter as well as the integration of modifications.
Past research includes two very comprehensive bar code symbology tests to establish base line reliability data for the first two-dimensional bar code symbologies ("Code 16K and Code 49 Data Integrity Test") and to evaluate the robustness of those two high data capacity symbologies ("Code 16K and Code 49 Data Integrity Test").
The consultant conducted base line study for need along with impact assessment, with the aim to study is to identify the legal services support needs of small and informal businesses.
In fixed installations such as a subway platform, tunnel or station, the zNose(R) establishes a base line environmental "odor profile" of the location and can then detect and identify potentially dangerous deviations from the base line in as little as 10 seconds with part per trillion sensitivity.
Fascia Displays - First Base Line, Third Base Line and Home Plate
In addition, several meetings were held with independent consultants and contractors to initiate bid proposals for various phases of the Base Line Study.
Activities during 1Q 2003 centered on preparing and delivering to the Peruvian government the base line study data that supports the EIA which was submitted in December 2002, negotiating a one year extension of the Tambogrande Option Agreement, as well as ongoing community activities for the EIA public audience review process.

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