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The overall incidence of encephalopathy in infants with Apgar scores <7 and base deficit >12 mmol/L was 8.
Initial pH, base deficit, lactate, anion gap, strong ion difference, and strong ion gap predict outcome from major vascular injury.
The average fetus enters labor slightly acidotic with a base deficit of approximately 2 mmol/L.
Base deficit as an indicator of significant abdominal injury.
The utility of base deficit and arterial lactate in differentiating major from minor injury in trauma patients with normal vital signs.
0078), blood, temperature and pH base deficit (all p<0.
Evidence of metabolic acidosis in fetal umbilical cord arterial blood obtained at delivery (pH less than 7 and a base deficit of 12 mmol/L).
16) proposed early use of damage-control laparotomy in patients with temperatures of <35[degrees]C, base deficit worse than 14, and coagulopathy.
Parer called the standard for intrapartum hypoxia: evidence of metabolic acidosis in intrapartum fetal, umbilical arterial cord, or very early neonatal blood samples (a pH below 7 and a base deficit of 12 mmol/L or greater).

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