Resembling that which is basal, but not necessarily basal in origin or position.
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(38-42) These HPV-related squamous intraepithelial lesions may be subclassified into warty, basaloid, and warty-basaloid types by histopathologic features.
A shave biopsy of one of the lesions was performed that showed a proliferation of nests of basaloid cells on the dermis with palisading and rare vacuolated clear cell change.
Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma of the oesophagus: assessment for high-risk human papillomavirus and related molecular markers.
Histopathology revealed a polypoid lesion consisting of aggregations of neoplastic basaloid cells, which were confined to the polypoid region [Figure 2]a.
There were also abrupt and gradual transitions of the basaloid cells to squamous and ghost cells.
Histologically, BSCC shows basaloid and squamous differentiation and presents clinical characteristics such as local recurrence and metastasis comparable to SCC.
Pilomatrixoma was diagnosed with the appearance of basaloid hair matrix cells and eosinophilic anucleated shadow cells under histologic examination.
The patient, an immunocompetent woman, aged in her 90s, with multiple inoperable cutaneous basaloid SCCs, was treated with a combination of systemic and intratumoral delivery of 9-valent HPV vaccine, authors of the case report wrote in JAMA Dermatology.
Rare cutaneous metastasis from a probable basaloid carcinoma of the colon mimicking pyogenic granuloma.
The most important key feature of basal cell carcinoma at low power magnification are that the basaloid epithelial cells of the tumour arising from the epidermis.
Histology of the sinonasal tumor retrieved after endoscopic debulking surgery revealed infiltration of solid sheets of basaloid cells with vesicular nuclei, nucleoli, and mitoses separated by fibrous bands of collagenized stroma.
Histologically, nests of basaloid tumor cells were seen with peripheral palisading and focal architectural clefting between the tumor cells and adjacent fibromyxoid stroma.