basal state

ba·sal state

(bā'săl stāt)
A resting metabolic state early in the morning after a minimum of 12 hours of fasting. Used for laboratory tests.
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They can also form stratified epidermal structure [15], but they can revert, back and forth, between a differentiated and a basal state upon changes in [Ca.sup.2+] concentration in the medium [16]; they retain the capacity to reconstitute a well-structured epidermis after transplantation in vivo [17].
HaCaT cells remain in the basal state (high levels of K14) when maintained in low [Ca.sup.2+] conditions and less than 80% confluent (A6), while they begin to differentiate expressing high levels of K10 and involucrin after a long-term culture (A14), that is when, although maintained in low [Ca.sup.2+] medium, they are overconfluent.
The formation of NETs was evaluated at basal state and at activated state using the membrane impermeable DNA-binding dye, SYTOX green (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen Life Technologies).
Following PMA stimulation or basal state, cells were incubated with 2,wM SYTOX green to detect extracellular DNA.
control basal) stimulation of glucose uptake in L6 myotubes over basal state. Pretreatment with 7 and 11 (16 h) caused further increase in insulin signal, suggesting that the effect of 7 or 11 and insulin on glucose transport is additive.
ICER as a "Brake" for Permitting Insulin Production and Secretion Return to Basal State
The dependence of tissue specific glucose utilization ([R'.sub.g]) on insulin was assessed in Lean, Obese, and Tesaglitazar groups by making separate studies in the basal state (Basal), as well as under ClampL and ClampH conditions (defined previously).
When another specific voltage is applied, the oxygen rebonds with the silicon nanocrystals, and the circuit returns to its Si[O.sub.x] basal state, turning it off.
Q I was taught that the best specimen for a lipid profile is drawn in the early morning from a patient in the basal state who has been fasting for 10 to 12 hours.
NmcR mediates biosynthesis of the carbapenemase enzyme at the basal state, which is further increased when [beta]-lactam-mediated induction occurs (13).
The study concluded that, in a basal state, patients using an insulin pump have greater glycemic control than patients using glargine.
However, in most of the studies information on the oxidative metabolism of circulating phagocytes at the basal state, and in their normal physiological environment, i.e.