barium hydroxide

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bar·i·um hy·drox·ide

a caustic compound combined with calcium hydroxide in a carbon dioxide absorbent; used in anesthetic circuits.
See also: absorbent (3).
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According to Baryta, once the gun has been purchased as a single-shot with 6-inch or longer barrel and an overall length of at least WA inches, there's nothing prohibiting the owner from replacing the extended barrel and nonfunctional magazine with the gun's original parts.
The 310-gram media consists of an inkjet-receiving layer coated directly onto a traditional baryta base.
Alan had symptoms of two common homeopathic medicines, Baryta carbonica (barium carbonate) and Sulphur (sulfur).
Warmtone products are generally manufactured for a black-and-white market, enhancing the tonal qualities of an image; and the HARMAN Photo use of real photo baryta will further enhance these qualities, the company says.
Baryta mur shares several of the prescribing symptoms of Baryta carb.
(1837) On the composition of the right rhombic Baryto-Calcite, the Bicalcareo-carbonate of Baryta of Dr.