barrier methods

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1. an obstruction.
2. a partition between two fluid compartments in the body.
3. a covering used to prevent contact with body fluids.
alveolar-capillary barrier (alveolocapillary barrier) see under membrane.
blood-air barrier alveolocapillary membrane.
blood-aqueous barrier the physiologic mechanism that prevents exchange of materials between the chambers of the eye and the blood.
blood-brain barrier see blood-brain barrier.
blood-gas barrier alveolocapillary membrane.
blood-testis barrier a barrier separating the blood from the seminiferous tubules, consisting of special junctional complexes between adjacent Sertoli cells near the base of the seminiferous epithelium.
barrier methods contraceptive methods such as condoms and diaphragms in which a plastic or rubber barrier blocks passage of spermatozoa through the vagina or cervix. See discussion under contraception.
placental barrier the tissue layers of the placenta which regulate the exchange of substances between the fetal and maternal circulation.
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The Logarithmic Barrier Method. The following two examples quite show the performance of the logarithmic barrier interior-point method for finding a local solution to problem (2).
Overall, evidence suggests that the major contributors to the continuing severity of the HIV epidemic in South Africa are patterns of sexual partnership (e.g., concurrency), heavy alcohol abuse, significant gender power inequities, violence and poverty (8,13)--all of which are associated with lack of barrier method use.
In this study, the knowledge was significantly lower in the RTI/STI group regarding the importance of barrier method of contraception and the lack of awareness regarding mother to child transmission was prevalent in both groups.
One benefit of the barrier method is availability: Condoms and spermicides can be purchased over the counter (without a prescription).
Prescription-only barrier methods in the FDA guide include the diaphragm and the cervical cap, both used with spermicide.
Physical and chemical barrier methods as well as behavioral methods are the least cost-effective.
A protective effect is considered possible because these barrier methods may block entry of pathogens to the cervix, which is the site of infection with gonorrhea and chlamydia and may be more susceptible than the vagina is to HIV infection.
The total utility value of each decision arm was calculated and sensitivity analyses were conducted using different rates of contraceptive failure for OC pills and barrier methods, and using different levels of stroke risk conveyed by OC pill use and smoking.
"Comparative contraceptive efficacy of the female condom and other barrier methods." Family Planning Perspectives 26(2): 66-72.
As mentioned, there is a risk that a human virus could have been introduced into smallpox vaccine seed or vaccine stocks during manufacturing, since barrier methods such as those currently used in all phases of vaccine production were not in place.
Filter life is longer than traditional barrier methods, due to the greater contaminant retention capacity by volume, as well as the filter's reusability.
Thrivers Challenge is a cluster of activities in a challenge-course setting designed to help participants practice basic HIV-prevention skills including using barrier methods, negotiating safer sex, responding to coercion, and facilitating peer conversations that promote health and reduce risk.