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Jean-Alexandre, French neurologist, 1880-1967. See: Barré sign, Guillain-Barré reflex, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Landry-Guillain-Barré syndrome.
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In 1974, she met glamrocker Michael De Barres of the now long forgotten band Silverhead, and fell in love - so in love she even turned down a date with Elvis Presley.
At times, however, the artist may be found to supersede the politician in Barres' writing.
Barres preached a doctrine of integral nationalism - an emotive, tribal nationalism that would subsume all other passions and that would define all other moral principles rather than be conditioned by them.
Barres's first novel trilogy, Le Culte du moi (1888 - 91), portrayed the inner life of an egoist who, in trying to develop his individual self, discovers his need for others.
Le premier, deja sacre au concours general par equipe et au sol, s'est adjuge deux nouvelles medailles en vermeil apres avoir domine les concours des barres paralleles et la table de saut.
Actualites Eecrit par Abdellah Ouardirhi L e Maroc est concerne aussi par le retrait des barres de chocolat Mars et Snickers.
Prof Romain Barres, of Copenhagen University, said: "Our research could lead to changing behaviour, particularly pre-conception behaviour of the father."
"Officers are carrying out regu lar patrols throughout the Barres dale Estate and we are working closely with Northumberland County Council Community Safe ty to raise awareness of the dan gers and consequences of motor bike disorder.
BIRTHDAYS: Desmond Morris, zoologist and ethologist, 86; Bamber Gascoigne, writer and broadcaster, 79; Neil Diamond, singer, 73, pictured; Aaron Neville, R&B singer, 73; Michael Des Barres, singer/actor, 66; Adrian Edmondson, actor, 57; Jools Holland, musician/ TV presenter, 56, pictured; Vic Reeves, comedian, 55; Tatyana Ali, actress and singer, 35.