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a symptom complex due to differences in environmental atmospheric pressure and the air pressure in the paranasal sinuses.
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Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses caused by pressure difference within the sinus relative to ambient pressure, secondary to obstruction of the sinus ostium and occurring during descent in altitude.
Synonym(s): aerosinusitis
[G. baros, weight, pressure, + sinusitis]
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Painful inflammation of the sinuses, especially the frontal sinuses, which may be accompanied by bleeding and may be preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection or acute exacerbation of allergies. It occurs in divers and pilots and is due to non-equilibration of internal (within the sinuses) and external (atmospheric) pressure, and may affect the fifth cranial and infraorbital nerves.
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air travel disease

Travel medicine Any condition related to the unique conditions of air travel Infections The potential for infection by an airborne pathogen from another inmate in the confined quarters of commercial flights is understudied. See Airline food, Air sickness.
Air travel & disease
Aerotitis media
Middle ear trauma
Pain, bleeding of sinuses; flying with sinusitis may cause a spread to the CNS
Deep vein thrombosis
'Economy class' syndrome
Heart attack
Related to anxiety, sprinting to connecting flight, ↓ cabin O2 ergo hypoxia, ↓cabin humidity
eg, TB and other communicable diseases
Low back pain and injuries
-possibly related to ↓ cabin O2leading to hypoxia
Panic, anxiety, depression
Due to objects tumbling from overhead–avoid the aisle seat
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Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses caused by pressure differences within the sinus relative to ambient pressure, secondary to obstruction of the sinus orifice, sometimes due to high altitude flying or by descent from high altitude.
Synonym(s): barosinusitis.
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Sinus inflammation with symptoms induced by changes in atmospheric pressure. Also called sinus barotrauma.
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