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A grain of the family of grasses, genus Hordeum, a food and the source of malt, which is required for producing beer, ale and whiskey. Like wheat, rye and oats, barley contains gluten.
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(Hordeum) A foodstuff commonly found in breakfast cereal and soup; reports allege benefit in lowering cholesterol levels, against diabetes, and in the prevention of cancer.
Synonym(s): foxtail grass, pearl barley.
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Patient discussion about barley

Q. Is anyone restricted to have barley? what is the benefit of having barley and what is the best way to consume them? Is anyone restricted to have barley?

A. It grows in many parts of the world. As it is a whole grain it is good for health. It has soluble fiber and reduces blood cholesterol and glucose. It is low in fat content. No fixed way is there to eat barley as it’s used as soup thickener; it’s used in baked foods. Many breakfast foods include barley as baked breads. It is found to harm none.

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The content of all AA were greater in Canadian barley than the other two barleys which is consistent with its higher percentage of CP.
Like the first commercial-quality, low-phytate variety, released in 2006, the new barleys provide a greater amount of phosphorus that's bioavailable--more readily absorbed and used by animals.
In that analysis of more than 2,000 North American malting barleys, researchers found that high levels of a desirable beta-amylase-associated attribute in the barleys had correlated to low levels of the serine-class proteases.
'Keystone', 'Parkland', and 'Vantage' barleys. Crop Sci.
Data in Experiment 1 for in vitro DMD, gas production and fermentation pH at each incubation time were analyzed using the MIXED procedure of SAS (SAS Institute, Inc., Cary, NC, USA) with grain processing treatment (barleys ground through 1-, 2-, and 4-mm screens and dry-rolled barley grain) as a fixed effect in the model.
FYI: Hulled barley is the most nutritious of the barleys, since only the tough outer hulls are polished off.
A study of cultivated barleys from Nepal Himalaya and North India with special reference to their phylogenetic differentiation.
The similar daily GE intake among the cereal grains and the greater daily fecal GE loss in pigs fed the HF barley than in pig fed corn, DHF, and DLF barleys indicates lower digestibility of GE, metabolized GE as well as lower DE and ME in hulled barley varieties than in corn and dehulled barley.
A useful anthology of articles about everything from stopping unwanted sprouting of barley kernels before harvest to using wild barleys as a source of genes for superior plants of tomorrow.
Among them are 3396 six-row hulless, 27 two-row hulless, 69 six-row covered, and 10 two-row covered barleys. The vast majority of them have spring growth-habit, median maturity, relatively high stature, rough awns, and dark-colored (black, purple, gray, green, and carneous) kernels.
Once barleys containing all-natural, heat-friendly enzymes can be found in the vast ARS collection, they can then be crossed with other proven cultivars to develop what might be considered the ultimate malting barley.--By Erin Peabody, ARS.
Winter barleys, planted in Idaho in October and harvested in mid-July, offer several key advantages over spring barleys, which are planted in May and harvested in August.