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A grain of the family of grasses, genus Hordeum, a food and the source of malt, which is required for producing beer, ale and whiskey. Like wheat, rye and oats, barley contains gluten.


(Hordeum) A foodstuff commonly found in breakfast cereal and soup; reports allege benefit in lowering cholesterol levels, against diabetes, and in the prevention of cancer.
Synonym(s): foxtail grass, pearl barley.


a genus of cereals and grasses. See hordeum.

barley beef
a British system of introducing calves into pens at 3 months of age, feeding them intensively on high grain diets and marketing them before 12 months of age.
barley beef rumenitis
lesions of rumenitis found at necropsy in calves fed heavy barley diets.
barley grass
barley scab fungus

Patient discussion about barley

Q. Is anyone restricted to have barley? what is the benefit of having barley and what is the best way to consume them? Is anyone restricted to have barley?

A. It grows in many parts of the world. As it is a whole grain it is good for health. It has soluble fiber and reduces blood cholesterol and glucose. It is low in fat content. No fixed way is there to eat barley as it’s used as soup thickener; it’s used in baked foods. Many breakfast foods include barley as baked breads. It is found to harm none.

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It's a cleaner, fresher traditional style, with more popular appeal, tasting of apricot, barley sugar and toffee.
Each child received a jigsaw puzzle, a bag of sweets, a stick of barley sugar, an orange and an a apple
Paul Denton made the Barley Sugar, or twisted chimney, during his work on a Brickwork Intermediate Construction Award City and Guilds/CITB course, which he studied two evenings a week at Warwickshire College's Moreton Morrell Centre.
The judges called it extremely deep and powerfully rich with caramelised barley sugar, treacle, coffee bean, Turkish Delight and fig preserve nose.
It could appeal to female drinkers as it avoids the heavy smoky, peaty flavour often associated with whisky, and instead has accents of vanilla, marmalade and barley sugar.
Cephos powders, Carters Little Liver Pills, Barley Sugar Sticks, Swizzles, Sweet Whistles, Spud Guns (yes they really did fire potatoes)?
95 per 50 cl bottle) has flavours of barley sugar, butterscotch and apricot, with the sweet intensity counter-balanced with cutting lime juice.
50 (280m): Den''s Gift (2), Barley Sugar (2), Rum & Pep (2), Silver Side (1), Wee Anne (1), Bazooka (scr).
The floral and mandarin flavours (from the muscat and gewrztraminer in the blend) make this the perfect white wine to match the spiciness of haggis - as does its off-dry, barley sugar finish.
As I grew older I was allowed to run down the back entry to Tomlinson's Chemist - now the flower shop on the corner of Queensland Avenue and Allesley Old Road - to buy twisted barley sugar sticks.
Kate, who is struggling with cravings for cherry tomatoes dipped in salt and barley sugar, will go on maternity leave early next year.
Then to the most famous sweet shop of all --Higgotts -- with the giant horizontal walking stick-shaped stick of rock in the window and the wondrous smell of pear drops, barley sugar sticks, coconut chips, japdessert, gobstoppers, lime and soda, bullseyes, banana and custard, lovehearts, flying saucers, sweet tobacco, etc.