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A grain of the family of grasses, genus Hordeum, a food and the source of malt, which is required for producing beer, ale and whiskey. Like wheat, rye and oats, barley contains gluten.
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(Hordeum) A foodstuff commonly found in breakfast cereal and soup; reports allege benefit in lowering cholesterol levels, against diabetes, and in the prevention of cancer.
Synonym(s): foxtail grass, pearl barley.
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Q. Is anyone restricted to have barley? what is the benefit of having barley and what is the best way to consume them? Is anyone restricted to have barley?

A. It grows in many parts of the world. As it is a whole grain it is good for health. It has soluble fiber and reduces blood cholesterol and glucose. It is low in fat content. No fixed way is there to eat barley as it’s used as soup thickener; it’s used in baked foods. Many breakfast foods include barley as baked breads. It is found to harm none.

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* You can help your body battle the cancer-causing effects of alcohol by choosing a regimen of nutrients and phytonutrients that effectively neutralizes alcohol's toxic effects, including silymarin from milk thistle extract, resveratrol, grape seed extract, and barley grass.
Barley grass, on the other hand, has been reported to contain significant levels of 2"-O-glycosyl isovitexin (2"-O-GIV), an isoflavonoid, that inhibit formation of malonaldehyde (MA), a marker of lipid oxidation (Johnson and Mokler, 2001).
This control area also had patches of sea barley grass that covered approximately 50% of the soil surface.
Now I add a good portion of berries or other fruit to my cereal and mix in a teaspoon of barley grass powder.
In one study, adding barley grass to beer slowed the conversion of alcohol into acetaldehyde after three months.
Researchers in Taiwan found in a clinical study that supplementation with barley grass reduced the levels of cholesterol and oxygen free radicals in the blood of type 2 diabetics.
(It doesn't contain gluten, the protein component responsible for most allergic reactions.) But don't count on it (or the similar barley grass) to replace the three to five daily vegetable servings you should be getting.
Now I eat mainly raw fruit and vegetables, and millet, flax, barley grass and, most important of all, wild blue-green algae.
A number of herbal products offered by Weinstein Nutritional Products of Irvine, Calif., have made appearances in FOOD PROCESSING's offices recently, including Greens Mixture, which contains disclosed amounts of barley grass juice powder, brown rice powder, wheat grass juice powder, spirulina, spinach powder, green tea extract, chlorella powder, echinacea extract, blue green algae, broccoli powder and anti-caking agents.
Our ingredients include: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Leaf, Rye Grass and Oat Grass.
This category includes the edible micro-algae spirulina and chlorella, and cereal grasses, including barley grass and wheatgrass.