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muntjac, muntjak

Asian rib-faced deer with slit-like scent gland openings on the face and two-tined antlers. Called also Muntiacus muntjak.
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The visitors were very happy to get a chance to see the barking deer for the first time, which earlier was not available in any zoo across Punjab.
The Barking Deer currently has three in-house brewed beers, and there are more on the way.
Combining the results of Sunquist with McDougal and our study increased the percent biomass contribution of sambar while decreasing the percent biomass contribution of the prey category combining chital, hog and barking deer, with the end result that sambar, rather than the combined prey category, contributed more biomass to tiger diet in Chitwan; all other changes to prey biomass contributions were nominal and did not change their relative rank importance in tiger diet.
The species list is not deep: Himalayan blue sheep and tahr, with a possibility for barking deer.
and a sample of fermented barking deer meat for larvae examination.
On arrival a servant brought Danish beer and English gin under light-breezy umbrella trees, the ear tuned to the jarring me-ow of peacocks, the incessant croak of ravens, a belling sambar stag spooked by tiger, sharp, biting yaps of barking deer.
The AAF hope to persuade the Chinese government to follow other Asian countries and outlaw the eating of animals that we see as pets or rare breeds - rare leopard cats, barking deer and flying squirrels are also sold to restaurants.
The jungles are also home to tigers, wild boars, leopards, monkeys, barking deer, elephants, etc.
The wildlife reserve is home to several animals like the wanderoo (langur), leopards, wild boar, and barking deer, and over 240 species of birds, such as storks, cranes, quail, and partridges.
Barking Deer, Wild Pig, Jackals, Hyaena, Jungle Cat, Squirrel, Porcupine and Indian Hare are reported from the sanctuary.
LAHORE -- Lahore Zoo Safari Park administration has brought in a pair of barking deer from Marghzar Zoo Islamabad under the Punjab government exchange programme.