barium oxide

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bar·i·um ox·ide

, barium monoxide
it is caustic, forming the strong base, Ba(OH)2, in water; used as a dehydrating agent.
Synonym(s): baryta
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For instance, both in the community with the highest incidence of diabetes in the region and in the community with the lowest, the children with diabetes were diagnosed in areas with low levels of barium oxide in moraine.
In contrast, the barium oxide trend showed a decreasing trend towards the northeast (Figure 2c).
It is not easy to understand or to interpret why areas with a very low concentration of barium oxide are associated with a significantly higher incidence of type 1 diabetes than are areas with a high concentration.
When including both compounds in the same regression model, the risk of diabetes increased three-fold in areas with combined low levels of barium oxide in moraine and mercury in brook water plants.
At this temperature barium oxide uncontrollably quickly transits in free state into gaseous phase without exerting any influence on operation of the electric arc.
So low rate of erosion is registered only in tungsten electrodes in argon, because in the process of the electric arc discharge burning the bulk of barium oxide in liquid emission film is bound with zirconium dioxide in the form of destoichiometric barium zirconate, and because of this reason is strongly retained in the melt.