barium chloride

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bar·i·um chlo·ride

formerly used as a heart tonic and for varicose veins; extremely toxic.
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Barium hydroxide and barium chloride are regularly used to remove soluble sulfate from industrial and municipal wastewater.
Arivazhagan, "Removal of high concentration of sulfate from pigment industry effluent by chemical precipitation using barium chloride: RSM and ANN modeling approach," Journal of Environmental Management, vol.
Calcium chloride and barium chloride solutions were prepared in deionized water, with gentle stirring, until complete dissolution, at 740 and 42 g/l in water at 20[degrees]C, respectively.
Many of them require the simple precipitation method using barium chloride [2-5] or lead chloride [6,7].
The results of this study showed that aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts of Punica granatum flower could induce spasmolytic effects on uterine muscle contractions caused by KCl, barium chloride or oxytocin.
Eight tenders for the supply of different chemicals including (a) sodium carbonate, (b) tipol, (c) sodium hypochlorite and caustic soda in liquid form, (d) sodium chloride, (e) hydrochloric acid, (f) di sodium chromate, (g) barium chloride, (h) ammonium chloride.
Continuously check the pH of the solution and got neutral barium chloride solution which was clear, white, colorless solution along with carbon dioxide gas evolved.
Recalled to Sofia by his bankrupt family, he ends up working as a bookkeeper and, later, as the manager of a barium chloride factory.
In the experiments, stem cells and myofibers were removed from three-month-old mice, briefly cultured and then transplanted into three-month-old mice that had temporarily induced leg muscle injuries produced by barium chloride injections.
Scientists removed stem cells from the legs of three-month-old healthy mice and injected them into the legs of mice that had temporary leg muscle injuries, induced by barium chloride injections, the study said.
Sulphate ions have been precipitated in hydrochloride medium with barium chloride to form barium sulphate crystals of a uniform size; light by the precipitate has been measured.
Some chemicals, such as barium chloride, burn wonderful colours - in this case, green - but are unstable at room temperature.