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Q. Sometimes I can barely stand or sit. Is walking on treadmill something that can benefit? Can someone post back strengthening exercises they have used for muscle fitness while trying to relieve muscle tightness. I suffered a back muscle problem a few months back and I haven't quite been able to heal properly. It seems to me that my back muscles tighten up a lot and even cramp up. Sometimes I feel like my lower back is going to split in half from the upper back. Sometimes I can barely stand or sit. Is walking on treadmill something that can benefit?

A. muscles need to be strong and long. if it won't happen- many problems can occur. this is why it's important to maintain in physical shape and do stretches. Yoga lessons can be very helpful for you- it's purpose is to help your muscles be long and strong. about the lower back, lay on your stomach while your head is out side of the bed and this will help you stretch your back muscles.

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The images are incredibly varied--students, homemakers, young girls, professional women, and grandmothers--but all depict a bareheaded woman defying the order to wear a hijab.
Edwin Waugh writes of two weavers humming it "lounging on the bridge, bareheaded, and in their working gear, with stocking-legs drawn on their arms.
Don't sight-in or practice barehanded or bareheaded with light, thin clothes, and think you'll shoot the same wearing all your gear.
Until now, the regulations of the Turkish Bar Association have said "lawyers and intern lawyers conduct their duties bareheaded and in attire that accords with the profession," but the court has now removed the expression "bareheaded" from the article.
Wearing a wide variety of practical, knee-length dresses and aprons, all but two of the girls are bareheaded.
He ends up on his knees, bareheaded, without his daughter, without his money, without his livelihood, and he says: "I am content.
Inside the media center at the conference, I noticed that the female staffers were alternately bareheaded or wore the hijab, the headscarf.
He is bareheaded, appears to be in his thirties or forties, is wearing a dark overcoat, and we see him from behind.
They're down there in Egypt without no god of their own and no more protection than a bareheaded mule.
The traditional reason for men to wear a yarmulke was to show respect to God by not going bareheaded before Him.
1833 President Andrew Jackson is approached by a "poor bareheaded woman with a little baby," whom he declares "a fine specimen of American childhood.
I was in the simplest and comfortablest of gymnast costumes--flesh-colored tights from neck to heel, with blue silk puffings about my loins, and bareheaded.