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Philip, U.S. physiologist, 1898-1945. See: Cannon-Bard theory.
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Behaviour, Aims, Room, Dialogue. An acronym referring to the 4 pillars of acting as an effective consultant doctor, which has parallels with theatre (as in “bard”).

Clinical trials
Bard Memotherm Carotid Stent for Carotid Artery Stenosis. A trial which evaluated the safety and efficacy of the Bard Memotherm Stent in treating extracranial carotid artery stenosis in high-risk patients undergoing endarterectomy.
Primary endpoint
1-year MACE (death), any cerebrovascular accident (CVA), acute MI and/or CVA related to stented vessels.
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Barde said Pasahol was immediately arrested after the incident.
"The sheer complexity and variety in Indian diet is huge and an Indian restaurant could offer 40 different types of cuisines like Punjabi, south Indian, Bengali, Chinese, sandwiches and western junk food," said Barde. He added the majority of Indian consumers still tend to prefer freshly cooked food, noting: "In Europe people are coming back to fresh, so maybe we are at the right place and don't have to go around the whole circle."
Barde details the Bureau of Immigration's interrogations of Chinese immigrants and the roles of the inspectors, interpreters, and attorneys involved in the immigration process.
But it has since gained its footing under the stewardship of Barde, who has been on board as the festival's artistic director for four years.
Barbara Barde was doing a fabulous job of fundraising at Toronto Women in Film and Television (TWIFT, now WIFT-Toronto), which had launched an annual awards show (now the Crystal Awards), and he was envious.
Barde," she said in a hoarse voice, "I don't think I can talk very loud today.
Carlos Barde said four masked men armed with short firearms carted away P165,000 cash, three cellphones, and jewelry worth P750,000.
Soutenu par un orchestre de premier ordre, ou plastronnent de musiciens connus de la scene, Rafik Megherbi, apres une succulente Touchia executee dans le mode Ghrib, s'engagea dans une litanie de textes panegyriques (Madih), [beaucoup moins que] Talebkoum dif Allah [beaucoup plus grand que] du grand barde du genre, cheikh Ahmed El Gherabli.
Oui le festival de la ville ocre est present dans cet important dossier avec l'entretien accorde a la revue par son directeur artistique, Bruno Barde. Le titre choisi par la redaction resume un peu la philosophie de Bruno Barde et sonne comme un condense de sa carriere; pour etre un bon programmateur (on apprend qu'il dirige Deauville, Beaune, Gerardmer et Marrakech) [beaucoup moins que]il faut connaitre l'organisation, la communication, et le cinema[beaucoup plus grand que].
Meanwhile world-leading neurobiologist Prof Yves Barde has taken up a post at Cardiff University.