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Making the single hook barbless takes things a step farther.
However, to carp a little, one might question why barbless hooks are not recommended or why the need for keep nets is not questioned in the interests of fish protection.
I would recommend a barbless fine wire size 20 for maggot and caster, while a wide gape 16 or 18 is better for corn.A simple but effective rig is a quarter-ounce bomb on a link with a 60cm tail and hair rigged corn
When I pointed out that fishing was perhaps a tad cruel she discounted this as the ravings of a Mother-Who-Knows-Nothing and assured me that she uses only barbless hooks.
Still, what is one to make of passages (and there are lots of them) like this: "I picture Jesus as a fly fisherman-and more than that, a catch-and-release angler who uses barbless hooks: what he takes out of the water he puts back.
Dead maggots on the hook are not only easily sucked up, but don't wriggle off mandatory barbless hooks.
He uses barbless hooks so he can put them back and watch them swim away rather than taking them home for supper."
Hunters position themselves as environmentalists and as romantics, and indeed anglers have changed predatory fishing practices to less harmful ones such as returning fish, using barbless hooks and fish friendly nets (p.
Fishing is by barbless single hooks and is catch-and-release for both fly and spin fishers.
The perch was quickly removed from the barbless hook and placed in the keepnet.
Great Barr veteran angler Tony Rake float-fished at the Derby AC pool recently using a No 12 barbless hook with lobworm bait and caught a record-breaking mirror carp weighing 48lb 6oz.
Anglers who fish this section ar restricted to artificial flies and lures (with barbless hooks), and, while the daily keeper limit is small--one trout, 20-inch minimum--you can catch all the fish you want as long as they're released back into the river unharmed.