barbiturate poisoning

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barbiturate poisoning

Poisoning caused by an overdose of barbiturates, reslting in excessive sedation, sometimes accompanied by an inability to protect the airway; coma; shock; and hypothermia. Agents commonly taken in overdose include secobarbital, phenobarbital, or butalbital.


When oxygenation and ventilation are compromised, intubation and mechanical ventilation may be needed. Other supportive treatments include activated charcoal, bicarbonate-containing fluids (to make the urine alkaline and increase barbiturate excretion), rewarming techniques, and fluids or drugs to support blood pressure.

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A post mortem showed the princess died from barbiturate poisoning.
"The same kid died a year later from glue sniffing and barbiturate poisoning.
1962: Marilyn Monroe, pictured, died alone in her bedroom from "acute barbiturate poisoning".
1962 Marilyn Monroe died alone in her bedroom from 'acute barbiturate poisoning'.
Even when a post mortem showed the woman died of barbiturate poisoning, Dalgliesh was convinced there was more to it than a simple case of suicide.
1962: Marilyn Monroe died alone in her bedroom from acute barbiturate poisoning. She was aged 36.