Brazilian term for the bloodsucking hemipteran triatomid bug, Panstrongylus megistus, an important vector of Chagas disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi.
[Pg. the barber]
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Many insightful studies exist (such as Birchwood & Matthias, 2007; Barnes, 2008; Alam, Sultana, & Butt, 2010; Aarle, 2013; Barbiero & Cournede, 2013) on the aspects of fiscal policy that mostly rely on cross-national and cross-sectional analyses.
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With Lifeboat's track record of introducing new technologies to the channel, we are confident they will help us build a dynamic network of security solution providers to take our unique portable encryption device to customers throughout the region," Michele Barbiero, Sales & Marketing Manager, IndependenceKey said.