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A yellow crystalline principle composed of aloe-emodin and glucose, obtained from aloe; used as a laxative.
Synonym(s): aloetin, barbaloin

barbaloin (barˈ·b·lōˑ·in),

n an active chemical component of aloes that has purgative properties.
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However, parameters such as AM fungi, Azotobacter, rock phosphates and soil type have significant influence on the plant growth performance and barbaloin yield.
together with rock phosphate and soil condition on growth and barbaloin content of Aloe vera.
Optimization of the factors to enhance barbaloin content in Aloe vera
41, rock phosphate and soil types on the growth and barbaloin content of Aloe vera plants.
The first step in phase one is to determine the various factors in the culture medium that have significant effect on the barbaloin yield.
These studies demonstrated that optimization of soil components which contain mainly of microbes and soil nutrients determine growth and overall barbaloin yield in Aloe vera.
The experiment was performed again based on obtained optimum results for determination of actual yield of barbaloin.
The factors showing significant influence on barbaloin yield were determined from Table 5 based on the level difference.
The obtained experimental data were processed in the Qualitek -4 software with bigger is better quality characteristics for the determination of the optimum condition for the cultivation to identify individual factors influence on the barbaloin yield and to estimate the performance (optimum conditions).
To validate the methodology, experiments were performed for barbaloin yield using the obtained optimized cultivation conditions as per Table 8.
Barbaloin was extracted from the leaves of Aloe vera by using methanol and analyzed by modified method of Koch et al (1999).
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