bank plan

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bank plan,

n a financial arrangement made between the dental professional, patient, and bank for financing dental accounts; the bank provides the capital for a rate of interest that enables the patient to pay the dental account over a longer period than would otherwise be possible–usually 12 to 18 months.
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Contributions to the MFESP Bank Plan can reduce your annual state taxable income by $3,000 (single) or $6,000 (if married, filing jointly).
Balasubrahmanyam added that, during 2014-15 the bank plans to open 500 new branches across the country.
Doha Bank plans on securing shareholder approval for the issue in the upcoming extraordinary general meeting next Sunday.
Hence, to strengthen bank s footprint and tap the potential, the bank plans to add five-eight branches in these two states
Among other major banks, Sakura Bank plans to raise 300 billion yen to boost its capital through selling new shares, mainly to firms in the Mitsui business group.
Global Banking News-August 23, 2013--HSBC Private Bank plans recruitment in Singapore(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Nelson, President and CEO of Cascade Bank, announced today that the Bank plans to open a branch in Shoreline, Washington, in the summer of 2007.
National Bank plans to open over 30 branches in Malaysia over the next decade.
Feldman said the Bank plans to use approximately $5 million of the net proceeds of this offering to increase its capital to fund its continued growth.
Abu Dhabi based National Bank plans to expand its Islamic banking products in Malaysia, Egypt and Oman.
The Bank plans to grow its network to an estimated five to seven community-based branches over the next three to five years.