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(bahng), Avoid the incorrect forms Bangs and Bangs'.
Bernhard L.F., Danish veterinarian and physician, 1848-1932. See: Bang disease.
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Drug slang
verb A regional term meaning to inject a drug.

verb A slang for having sexual intercourse.
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The dried leaves of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant from which MARIJUANA is derived.
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Bang is one of the figures suspected of having received sexual or recreational favors from the actress who killed herself in March 2009.
But when I went through photos I had my mom dig up (again, for the sake of this article), it was clear that my bangs were not so terrible.
The child will repeatedly bang his head--usually the frontal-parietal region--against a pillow, headboard, or railing of a crib 60 to 80 times per minute.
March 11 - one report of a loud bang. March 15 - one incident of criminal damage to a car.
Taking into account the positive customer feedback, Bangs adopted the franchising business model in the mid of 2010.
BANG FRINGE BENEFITS: Kate with new style; BANG CROPPED: Girls Aloud star Cheryl; BANG NEW STEP: Dance celeb Gabby; BANG TRESSED UP: Telly presenter Tess; BANG SIMPLY CUTE: TV star Nicole; BANG TRIMENDOUS: Singer Nicola
GET THE LOOK Blow hair dry, then section oft bangs from your hairline to two inches back.
At that display of petty bureaucracy, Bangs exploded.
Despite its name, nothing goes bang in the Big Bang theory.
Love the look of long bangs? Ask your stylist to give you some!
There had been marriage problems and Christine Bangs had moved to Brighton with Tony from the family home in Blackpool.
In this model of an infinite universe with no beginning or end, matter is continually created -- via a succession of "little bangs" -- and new galaxies form at a rate determined by the pace at which the universe expands.