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(bahng), Avoid the incorrect forms Bangs and Bangs'.
Bernhard L.F., Danish veterinarian and physician, 1848-1932. See: Bang disease.
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Drug slang
verb A regional term meaning to inject a drug.

verb A slang for having sexual intercourse.
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The dried leaves of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant from which MARIJUANA is derived.
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Claire Hilton, The Porkinson Banger Brand Manager says: "We wanted the packaging to capture the brand ethos and stand out on the supermarket shelf.
Their survey of 120 estate agents revealed that 35% of prospective housebuyers would refuse to bid because of a neighbours' banger and in one case a house with five old cars on the drive reduced the price of a neighbouring property by 25
Banger 1 now was heading back from the Grand Canyon.
Depending on the study, anywhere from 3-15% of normal children are head bangers.
"I think it will be something we don't even notice the impact of, but the people who will notice the impact are the people who will be enjoying having chickens in their backyard," Banger said.
The Geordie Banger Company is looking to establish a new eatery in Newcastle's Grainger Market.
"Geordie Bangers, has already proven that they are popular at markets in the North East and beyond and hope to be a welcome addition and establish themselves properly within one of Newcastle's most historic buildings."
A BANGER racer made his final journey in a customised Ford Granada hearse which made three laps of honour at his home circuit.
THE Geordie Banger Co is opening its first shop in Newcastle's Grainger Market after finding success selling its sausages at markets across the North East.
Hunting down the perfect banger Cornish Cove Cheese & Bacon Posh Puppies, PS4.50 for 12, M&S y Tester says: The half-size version goes great in mini rolls for kids, or two in a normal size roll, or side by side in a bun - loved the versatility!
TONY Banger Walsh is calling from the dugout of City's High"eld Road glory days for a "ghting "nish to the Sky Blues season.
Toffee apple is not the only banger with a big difference on sale at the farm shop.