bandpass filter

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band·pass fil·ter

a device that allows a limited range of frequencies to pass.
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Current fluorescence microscopy techniques utilizing several bandpass filters result in poor discrimination of fluorophores when multiple labels are present.
Thus, we also ignore the deviation ([+ or -] 5%) caused by the bandpass filter.
Additionally, using the bandpass filter allows the estimates in this article to incorporate more timely data reflecting the shift to lower levels of unemployment in the U.
An ideal bandpass filter extracts the components of a time series whose frequencies are within a given frequency band (Baxter and King 1995).
A bandpass filter after the mixer selects only one of these new signals (fo+C.
A conventional bandpass filter works under single dominant resonant modes of a few cascaded transmission line resonators and its operating bandwidth is widened via enhanced coupling between the adjacent resonators.
Tenders are invited for Supply of colored glass uv bandpass filter.
Mounting a bandpass filter and directional antenna to the MA2700A helps users maintain specified network performance and ensure KPIs by locating the source of interference so it can be corrected quickly.
In modeling a five-parameter bandpass filter, for example, it was found that a five-fold improvement in the mean squared error was obtained using a neural network nonlinear modeling approach versus a linear model when the parameter values of the filter were changed by 20%.
A microwave bandpass filter placed in the system will pass 3.
The ACPF-7024 is a 2400-2482 MHz WiFi/Bluetooth bandpass filter designed for use in the 2.