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castle in Scotland.
Balmoral shoe - a type of laced shoe.
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First launched nearly 70 years ago, the ship has a 70-seater restaurant and the famous art deco Britannia Lounge which will be serving up refreshments throughout the voyage - including Balmoral's own special real ale.
Balmoral arrives on Merseyside on Saturday for a three-day visit, when people will have the opportunity to sail a route that generations of Liverpudlians took on Mersey pleasure steamers.
The Balmoral design has three reception rooms including a study and both have fitted wardrobes to three of the bedrooms plus integral double garage.
Besides the Glengarries, Tamo'Shanters and Balmorals worn by Scottish regiments, and the Royal Ulster Rifles' caubeens, most British battalions were issued with "hats, jungle" -- a headdress closely resembling the "fedors" style head-dress currently used in Afghanistan.
GeigereIUs elaborate collection of contemporary patent leather footwear included friendly courts, stylish lace ups, seductive strap shoes and trend setting Balmorals. From Scania Blue patent, to suave combinations of misty yellows and reds and Sutter blue patent boots!